Bullying {Choose life VI}
Bullying {Choose life VI} poem stories

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Choose life VI If, you are being bullied stay strong. If you are a bully realise you are wrong. Both of you need to choose life!

Bullying {Choose life VI}

Choose life VI

If, you are being bullied stay strong.

It won't be forever though it may seem long.

If you're a bully and realise how you have gone wrong.

Then you need to listen to redemption song.

You need to atone for your wrongdoing.

All these emotions that are ensuing.

Like a tidal wave, you think you should enter the grave.

You are wrong bully for once you have to be the strong one.

Emotionally, the world needs you to say how things can go wrong.

Those who are being bullied stay strong.

It won't be that much longer until the bully realises why they go wrong.

And I can tell you now there is a reason they are so far gone.

They are hiding a secret that they cant let go and to of which they hold on.

You the victim are an outlet for their pain.

Be strong oh victim of bullying for you morally reign.

If you ask of them what is their pain.

They will either become enraged or crumble like a rotten windowpane.

Tears will fall down their face either that or they will become enraged.

But eventually they will get to a stage

In life

Where they realise they have imparted strife.

And that they have become what the hate the most.

Because bullying is like a vampiric parasite that takes host.

Be strong oh ostensibly weak one.

For there will come a time when the bully is gone.

And you have the moral high ground victim to stand on.

But trust me every bully I have ever known.

Has a terribly sorrowful secret of their own.

And it would chill you to the bone.

And don't ask them just leave it alone.

And know that you victim are not alone.

Choose life the world needs you!

To pull through this situation.

Everyone in every nation has value.

Including you!

Choose to continue.

No matter how hard it is.

One day you will know this...

You can be better!!

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