Books on Hiatus - Commaful is King
Books on Hiatus - Commaful is King poem stories

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I'm studying so very hard at the moment all I read is text books. so, the moments of reading on commaful are precious.

Books on Hiatus - Commaful is King

Reading words that thoroughly engage.

Reading words that are timeless as if constructed by a sage.

Reading words as if they were bled on to the page.

Reading words that evoke emotions that are often off the gauge.

Reading words as writer prises open their cage.

These writers I read are not all the same.

Some write words of joy and euphoria others of wisdom and pain.

I read as the writers hone their skills and continuously attain.

That is why here on commaful my soul wishes to remain.

A place where writers write and read, and penmanship truly reigns.

And lest I forget to say the eloquence that pertains.

To each and every one of you.

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