Asylum - Where do the Haters Belong?
Asylum - Where do the Haters Belong? poem stories

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Asylum We are one vine, one species we must rescue ourselves from evils jaws. Appeal to the fascist border builders

Asylum - Where do the Haters Belong?


We are one vine, one species we must rescue ourselves from evils jaws.

Borders defile and make humanity cheap time to open the doors.

As the bodies pile on the heap acquired by the reapers of war.

Fascists rile upon the heads sired by earths amore.

Forcing violence to chase these sorrowful souls.

They have left their homeland that in their heart they hold.

They have braved, deserts, mountains and oceans to be bold.

And ask for assistance, your cousins of yesteryear.

Think of the wars that occur.

Don't blindly follow saying yes sir.

Think of the sin you can incur.

When you turn your back on someone who voyaged a long track.

To avoid being the spoils of war and ending up in a body sac.

So, for humanity to keep its dignity intact.

Then refugees on merit of their asylum should never be beaten or smacked.

Desist your violence against the weak whom have no home.

The sorrow full children of mother earth that roam.

Victim to the sorrowful sadists that need to atone.

We all bleed, we are all flesh and bone.

We all need shelter, why do you pelt him or her?

With fists hate and exclusion.

Its not the Asylum seeker that is the nuisance!

It's those obtuse ones.

The ones that don't offer shelter to the victims.

The ones with Hate in their heart that let it take hold like an inscription.

Children of mother earth we should never shun.

Perhaps one day war will be just a matter of fiction.

And humanity will unify and have made humane its depiction.

Until then break down the borders in your mind.

Because you will soon find.

That Earths only border is the stratosphere.

So, do away with your sense of fear.

They are not bringing aerial strikes and nuclear genocide.

They are bringing the memories of the dead and children at their side.

They are trying to find a place where they can live with dignity and pride.

Set your vision and horizon to see the picture wide.

Imagine it was your wife, sister or brother that died.

Imagine that you are the one from the bombs had to flee and hide.

Imagine it was you who just wanted the carnage to subside.

Forget the words of hate and division you have cried.

Now is the time to have the most strength

Turn other a new leaf cut off your nose to spite your face.

Recognise that division has no place.

On Earth.

You are an earth born.

You have a responsibility to adorn.

For every victim of war!

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