A Year in the making
A Year in the making life stories
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Almost a year ago, I had no hope I was always seconding from the rope - A poem about transforming my life for the better after years of misery. I hope someone can find hope in it and anyone with issues like depression there is light to be found. And my heart is with you.

A Year in the making

Almost a year ago, I had no hope

I was always seconding from the rope

Looking for opportunities to croak

In crowds of people yet never spoke

Aimlessly wandering among folk

I Barely laughed at a joke

Lying in bed to and endless hour

Wondering if anything would ever empower.

A sense of self an internal power.

My mind with life so sour

Bitterness whittled away at my sense of self

I didn’t eat it deteriorated me health

Its not that there was nothing on the shelf

It’s that the thought of eating was repugnant itself

I was 6 stone I’m not proud of oneself

I had a mountain of financial debt

Despite working hard and having blood and sweat

Living my life with such turmoil put it under threat

Then I realised don’t waste time and fret

And someone mentioned a great technique

Something to see the day through even though its bleak

When you wake up after 6am make a tea and face your week

For the morning is the days’ peak

And then began the winning streak

I woke up dragged myself out of bed

Made a coffee and didn’t stay in bed instead

Wallowing was the past and on that I was fully fed

Suddenly with the rising sun the day healed my head

Since then I have tackled my debts

And I have doubled my weight my fat my asset

And I’ve seen many a sun rise you can bet

I’ve come closer to nights without nightmare sweats

My depression still lingers and threats

But I’ve cast an optimistic net

Over the sea of discontent

I’ve sought God and finished my repent

I’m astonished I’m alive and with a smile this I must lament.

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