A Voyage through Human Time
A Voyage through Human Time history stories

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From the first drums of Constantine From the first echo of Ghandi’s steps these are the parts of history that give strength to my breath.

This has a reference on every line and is designed to make you think of the elements of history that are good.

A Voyage through Human Time

From the first drums of Constantine

From the first echo of Ghandi’s steps

From the first dream erect

From the flaming arrows of Elizabeth

From the first dance on the moon

The first hurricane and Archimedes flight

From Hercules and the lion

Samson and the pillar of salt

from Boudica and the dual sword

from David and his stone of mu

From the earth of which gives us blood

From the martyrs of peace and justice

From Mikael’s strength of shield

Gabriel’s gifts and the love of peace time

From peter pan to sword of a finer ink

For the victories of the small that inspire the tall

From William Wallace and sword of flower

From Bob Marley wailing in the bullet less world

From nelson Mandela to Marcus Garvey

For the conquest of Thor to free the slaves

From Achilles and his journey

To free the unworthy captives of hell

T the serenade of cherubs

From the words of Martin Luther and the king

To the Dali lama and his call for oneness

From Mulan and her plight

From Genghis khan and his liberty

From Arthur and his round table

From Hideyoshi to Iyayeasu

From Marcus Aralias and his philosophy

From Shakespeare and his words of strength

From the last Mohicans

And the last samurai

From Caesar and Christ’s farewell

From the stir of echoes in alexanders hall

From all these things I do not fall

History a resonant entity strong and tall

For these nuances I wish for all to befall

So, they can see the lifelong tole

See how history calls

Each one a legacy in time

I’m sorry for the hapless rhyme

I just wanted to take you on a voyage of time.

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