A Fight with Fear {an Irish as freislighe}
A Fight with Fear {an Irish as freislighe}  fear stories
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For a prompt about a moment when we feel scared. It is the second poem of this form that I have wrote. It is not in my usual style nor about a concept I often write. Thanks for reading and if it makes your bones chill as you gleam meaning I am sorry. The fear was conquered and I hope you too conquer yours.

A Fight with Fear {an Irish as freislighe}

As, Darkness meets the sunrise. A beast maliciously stared. As, seen by the leering eyes.

face to face heinous grin bared

lip curling, there's no disguise. Inquisitive senses flared. Skulking, shadows, chains, and lies

Clutches, the innocent snared.

Fearful yet strong to despise. Flash of paralysis scared. Empowerment is to rise

The fear no longer impaired

Mortality seen in guise. Beast wish's never had it dared. And surely will not reprise.

will full yet so unprepared.

Justice swept to brutalise. Grasp released and undeclared. Fear remains, scars agonise...

As, mercy

As, mercy had the

As, mercy had the beast spared

"So, please remember that the only thing to fear is fear itself." And amongst the moments of life we can be stricken by fear but we can also have elation and even euphoria. Have a great day commaful peeps don't let anything get you down

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