A Common Woman {True History Series} Women of Influence
A Common Woman {True History Series} Women of Influence poem stories

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The story of 3 of the most influential women of all time. There are many more great women these are just three. Hope you enjoy and if you already know them kudos.

A Common Woman {True History Series} Women of Influence


As, whenever I write about women it's often about emancipation or the queen.

It seemed suitable on this occasion to write about how women have contributed to the development of humanity the grand scheme.

I should make it clear I have both XY chromosomes in my bloodstream.

And if you hadn't already been able to glean...

I was born from a woman, have sister and cousins and have respect for them an esteem.

There is a swath of contributions made and by no means to I deem this to be a list of the most influential nor a list of the women with the most potential nor a list of women of which were

the most consequential.

This is the list I have made, and it is preferential.

So, on that note I want to start with some who made great contributions to the existential.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria; a great Christian philosopher, martyr and activist.

Whose life was not one of bliss.

She refused marriage in a time when that was great risk.

Whilst doing that she gave Christian cadence and Aristotelian scholastic reminisce.

She refused to in the name of god give anyone a kiss.

So, what started as a feminist wish becomes a Christian martyrdom.

She eventually finds the light and decides that before her life is done...

She would use her femininity and the desires of men to reach the very pivot of the empire.

This African woman had a great dignity and had great wisdom that she would until death continuously acquire.

She would challenge the emperor and in return he was enraged and gave her many philosophers to face a challenge od debate was to transpire.

She faced 150 philosophers and if they failed, they had to die and each one of them believed that they would not face the fire.

They lost the debates great philosopher after great philosopher fell yet to Christ did inquire.

This African woman is someone to of which any debater would aspire.

However, racialisation has allowed her portrait during the renaissance to have her ethnicity expire.

Ultimately, they lost to her wisdom they fell to the flames but in the process, they were baptised and made martyrs all the same.

150 arrogant men believing their reason would have her defeated.

There is no similar debate won and in the whole of history, featured.

Then the emperor has her tortured strip naked and dehumanised.

Yet she still has faith glimmering in her eyes.

The leaders and soldiers who are onlooking at first despise.

Then her integrity and works make them realise...

That a merciful God of love is a reasoned idea.

They scream to the emperor and lift their spears.

Eyes full of commissary and joyful, faithful tears.

For the sentience of a woman and the faith in god the crowd cheers.

Then they are all put to death yet remembered through the years.

In 1967 the roman catholic church removes her international holiday from the calendar in order to undermine gender equality movements.

Yet in 2002 the world and the church see significant improvements and the holiday is returned.

Yet all the while in jolly old England where we have a queen the Catherine wheel burns.

We commemorate her martyrdom alongside Guy Fawkes by burning a wheel and having gender equality talks.

The next women made great contributions to military might and

She was a child of farmers and a main proponent in the hundred years war.

She was a brave woman who was tormented to her very core.

She would wear men's clothes that were essentially at that time a one piece to prevent men dropping in on her bedroom door.

And ostensibly had mental health problems unless the name of god you implore.

She heard voices and had hallucinations of people such as Mother Mary and even the aforementioned Catherine.

She was a woman her strength truly serene.

She battled against the English in a time when the Plantagenet was the ruling machine.

The greatest hoarding of wealth that the world has ever seen.

Not to mention the violence and the treatment of prisoners of war and townsfolk was the most obscene.

As, at this time the English army burnt down every town at every scene.

Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Normandy and France.

You can blame a nation at first glance.

But if you enhance.

Your view on history

You will see it was a time when wealth was so concentrated.

That morality among its armies was in total deflated.

This women Joan of Arc revived dignity in Europe and marshalled great morale.

She was not like Catherine a woman of great rationale.

She was a great orator and military commander a general.

She inspired the French and made the armies of darkness realise their malevolence.

People either rallied or fled in the face of evil when they sensed her presence.

She is the epitome of charisma of good will in essence.

Yet eventually she would be a martyr as she would face the death sentence.

Eventually the fact that she is a woman wearing armour would mean that she would be executed.

Though ultimately throughout history her oratory and military skills would be never refuted.

Her contribution to the trajectory of an enlightened Europe and Britain never disputed.

The involvement of the British in her trial was at the time excluded.

The French were blamed the church used her gender to have her slain.

Over the course of 15 sessions she was interrogated about her visions and voices.

She was given interrogation and endless questions with the most difficult choices.

She was asked if she believed she was in gods grace an impossible question to answer yes or no.

"If I am not in gods good grace may god put me there and if I am may god so keep me there I should be the saddest creature in the world if I knew that I was not in gods grace."

She was then asked why she wore men's clothes.

And a semblance of dignity was soon to be enrobed.

Deuteronomy seems and had that time did disclose that cross dressing was a sin though later the way she was robed was victim to retrial and she was absolved and given sainthood.

A woman of illiterate peasant blood.

The maid of orleans.

There is a gender centric thud.

Ultimately, she after the confession that set her free from the flames.

She then once again attired men's clothing all the same.

In defiance of patriarchy, she went against the grain.

In hope that this chauvinism would wane.

And that her Christian dignity would remain.

This woman once again proved that even without an education and ostensible mental health that a woman has a succinct brain.

She is the inspiration that would allow England to later have a queen reign.

She is an inspiration to every English man because in a time of darkness she came.

To remind us all of the light a dignity of the prince of peace.

For the heathen she reminded there is a conscience at the very least.

Now time for lady number three and al have to do this quickly...

As I only have a few words left, and for those who have read this far I am breathed in thanks.

So, now the next woman who contributed to the world among many others.

Madam curie the only person to procure two noble piece prizes.

She died of radiation poisoning in a horrifically painful way.

Yet is still remembered even in Britain to this day.

The madame curie charity in the UK remains and hopefully for all time will stay.

It really pains me when people avoid them and stray.

Like radiation did already pave that we should stay away...

Every year on cancer research day we wear a daffodil in her honour and remembrance.

And the remembrance of victims of cancer which are largely caused by radiation.

And if you think you want to make that into a sensation.

And talk about tobacco cessation.

Then you are full of degradation.

Because even the sun can cause melanoma. And as I said this woman died of radiation.

Not to mention the nuclear bomb dropped on the noble Japanese nation.

There are so many reasons cancer can cause frustration.

In madame Marie curie we remember them all for the duration.

Including the ones that could not obtain hydration.

After the nuclear bomb was dropped and caused agonising agitation.

Madame Marie curie is a symbol of woman hood and integral to science and of how radiation and cancer can see an agonising end.

I hope you appreciate the list I doth rend.

And you can donate to the Great Daffodil campaign an offer I extend


I hope there is a charity in your nation state by the way.

Thank you for your time today.


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