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Probably the saddest thing you will read about an Ant all day.
A short story based on today's events. Also, did you know insects have seen a sharp fall this year. Ecology is getting worse #saveourplanet

A Bug's Life

I have a tendency to sympathise.

But on this occasion, I could empathise

With seemingly insignificant creature.

With small and grotesque features.

It crept up my jeans when I was sat in the car

Set to go with me on a journey oh so far.

Far from its' nest and comrades of work.

Bewildered it must be as in new land it lurks.

As, it will now go forward through new dirt.

Alone and disconnected from the colony.

It is destined to a lonely death solemnly.

So, as into this analogy we delve.

With any expatriate the ant and I meld.

Worker ants have little desire to feed themselves.

They run on a low supply of energy.

There strength is feeding communally in synergy.

Won't this ant find a new colony you may ask?

Unfortunately, ants are parochial beings alas.

So, I hope these days are a joyous last.

The ant's work on scent and there is no way it will find a way home.

No way that the other colonies will take it in.

The scent will mark it as intruder if it tries to enter in.

Occasionally the ant can go rogue and survive.

Though its not in its nature to alone thrive.

Perhaps I should have crushed it as a crawled up my side.

Yet whom I to deny the resilience of nature and see that it died.

So, as you read this and if you feel isolated, so am I and so Is the ant.

At this moment it is outside the house where I write.

Walking alone into a doomed night.

If it goes rogue it will be miraculous.

But in the words of Tacitus

Custom adapts itself to expediency.

So I'm going to believe that the ant will go rogue or find a home.

And we should all remember that we are flesh and bone.

That we all need a community an abode.

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