-Alliteration Poem- Dogma
-Alliteration Poem- Dogma  strife stories

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Echoes of Ecclesiastics Eclectic equivocations Sickles slice A poem about how difficult it is to return to church. inspired by the singer Hozier #godtalkseries

-Alliteration Poem- Dogma

Echoes of Ecclesiastics Eclectic equivocations

Sickles slice soporiferous sentiments

Slipping sense of serendipity

To slowly slip into serenity

Eternity of endeavouring

Elated and rendering

An image of ill interpretation

Eliciting religious repatriation

Revolving riveting rectitude

Wailing words awaken wonder

Wounds waiver want of asunder

Pushing pitiful pleas

Perturbing petty decrees

Decisive in discerning the wood from the trees

Wallowing terribly in turn

Until tantamount tribulations turn to turmoil

Melting mellow minds

To seek and ye shall find

Echoes of elation

Beseeched and beached in the soul

So, hold hallowed hands

Cupped in prayer creating poriferous position

That beneath the augmentation of all tradition

Is a perdition that pulls a preposition of a decision

Above all that is absolute there is absolution

The elocution and execution of endeavouring

To elicit adornment of abhorrent


Gratitude to the great

Gelatinous coagulation of syllables

Sound sizzling though so does the concept of eternal living

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