A Call to All True Heroes
A Call to All True Heroes democracy stories

jazzycyclist Community member
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In tough times, we all need help reminding each other of what is truly important. Let us never forget the millions of heroes that have given their lives for this wonderful country of ours. All in an Idea by words scribed on a few pieces of paper.

A Call to All True Heroes

A Trial for Democracy

Democracy’s name will hopefully remain,

defined as the open terrain.

Where the promise to our freedom, is forever being lain.

But beware the lowly jesters, in their stolen ivory towers.

They seek destruction of the declaration, using monetary powers.

Believing the Sword outweighs the Pen, is a false graven mistake.

Remember, Death even stalks ink, when morality begins its quake.

Yet, ink also shares hopes.

Linked through the polling of our votes.

Because Knowledge is the turning wheel,

with Solidarity as its true spokes.

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