My True Inspirations
My True Inspirations  #favouritethings #aesthetic #daydreaming #inspiration #simple #daydreaming #poems #poetry stories

jazziepoems Poems make my insides flutter ☺
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Hello there ;)
This is the first poem i'm publishing here
Its called : My true Inspirations
Hope you enjoy XD It'd be wonderful if you like and comment too♡
Thank you X
Jasmine Ruth

My True Inspirations

Brain freeze

Sea breeze

The flow of air swiftly brushing through leaves.

A rush of striking colour

I cant help but intensely breathe,

Sweet smelling odour

Genuine innocent striking humour

Forest noise

The sound of play with toys

Spotting someone with elegant poise

The sight of a clear light blue sky

The sound of rain hitting the rye

Watching birds freely fly by

The sound of children playing happily in sight

When someone chooses to be kind over being right

The sweet smell of petrichor

The feeling of having a true friend close behind

Happy tears filling ones eye

Peaceful silence as time flies by

A vivid world within my mind

The sight of true creation

Is the source of all my inspirations.

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