When my life was destroyed
When my life was destroyed plot-twist stories
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Michele is a normal 11 year old with a dark secret that may shock you when you find out what it is.

When my life was destroyed

by jaz

I guess you could say I'm an average 11 year old girl. I go to school and I try hard and I guess the one thing about me that may not seem normal to other people is that I don't have friends.

It seems weird because I'm generally a nice person but I'm bullied a lot because I wear glasses and people generally don't seem to like me.

This is the story of when my life went dramatically wrong one terrible day on June 5th 2010. It was a hot day, the sun shining it's rays down harshly and everyone was enjoying the heat.

It had been a relatively cold couple of months and this new weather was welcomed graciously by people.

It was that sot of weather that wasn't too hot and also wasn't too cold. As I walked to school, I thought about my day and what it would be like.

My main question was would I get bullied? And the answer to that would probably be yes. And just as I was thinking that my question was answered.

Suddenly, from behind me, I felt the presence of someone come up to me and then before I knew it I was drenched in water as they tipped a whole bottle of water on my head.

The 2 girls ran off laughing. I stopped and stood still, tears starting to well. Why did I have to get bullied? I thought miserably.

I was soaking from head to toe and since I wasn't far from home, I decided to quickly rush home and get changed.

When I entered my house, it was silent. My mum was at work and my dad, well he died when I was 5. I got changed hurriedly and ran back to school. However, despite my rush, I was 5 minutes late.

I apologized to the teacher and explained what happened. Usually I would say nothing about me being bullied but I felt I had to since it was such a mean thing to do.

They got told off and got detention after school for an hour. I smiled despite myself and they saw me unfortunately. As I sat down a note was passed to me. I read it. It said don't worry.

We'll get you after school. I sighed. I guess this was my life.

When school had finished for the day, I waited at the school for as long as I could before I eventually had to go home.

I was hoping the girls had gone home and when I thought they had they suddenly snuck up on me. I gasped, startled as they jumped out in front of me.

"So should we talk about why you decided to tell on us?" one of them said. I ran for it.

I was running as fast as I could go, my feet hitting the ground at a steady rythem. I ran and hid in the closet place I could find. The graveyard.

I hid behind a gravestone and they came after me. They started searching for me. Then one of them gasped. "Look"


"That gravestone has her name on it!"

"What where?"

I stood up and since I was behind them, I read the gravestone. It said Michelle Dartworth. Age 10. Died in 2009 in a car crash. I let out a sudden sob at the memory. They turned around suddenly.

"It's true I'm dead"

The car rolled endlessly down a ditch. I screamed and screamed. I could feel my life slipping away. Lights smashed, metal crunched, steam exploded. I closed my eyes and lay still as I died.

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