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Natural Selection

Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm blared. I slapped it on the floor, like usual. I yawned and sat up, checking my phone. Nothing, like usual. I sighed, already giving up for the day.

I moved to my bedside, got up and walked towards my shitty bathroom and got ready for my shitty job. I showered and dressed, grabbed my phone and my keys. I left to work the morning shift.

My phone vibrated as I left my apartment complex. I felt a small amount of joy until I read who it was from. My father.

U were always a terrble chiald now u work a trash ass job n live with roches lol it read. He was probably drunk. I put my phone in my pocket and chirped my hooptie.

My face went to agony as I looked up, seeing that my car had somehow been missing two windows with the trunk being dented along with my radio missing. Great I thought, hopping in my car.

Every day I pray for a better day, but I’m starting to wonder if God had been missing my memos.

I arrived at my gas station, parking near the car wash. It too was run down. I worked all day, 7:30 to 2:45, for 9 bucks minimum wage.

Where I lived was somewhat populated, but the only people who came here were baseheads or people like me, just barely scraping the boundary of poverty and lower class citizen. I clocked in.

I only had one other co-worker who was a really obnoxious bubbly person. His name was Tobias. I hated him. We worked the counter and pretty much everything else.

I put on my vest and waited at the cash register for customers to come in. The lights were dimmed and flickering, and it had been that way for months.

We wrote to the owner who promised to get it fixed. Of course, he was as disappointing to me as everybody else was. I sighed, looking into my reflection from a mirror placed below the counter.

The person who stared back was regret.

Surprisingly, I went throughout the day without too many discrepancies.

There were the few addicts and the occasional teens who came in for cigarillos, but other than that everything wasn’t too bad. “You’d ought to smile more, V.” Tobias said to me.

I ignored him, as usual. My phone vibrated, and this time I approached it with a moan. I looked down and saw a text from my girlfriend. I smirked for a short second and read the message.

Meet me at the spot the message said, and I swiped it away. I clocked out, it was closing time anyway. “Bye, V” Tobias said as I exited the gas station. Of course I ignored him.

I chirped my car and fumbled with the door, seeing as it wouldn’t open. I sighed and stuck my hand through the recent window-less window and unlocked it.

I got in and opened my glove compartment, grabbing a small box. I had been saving up my checks for a year and finally bought a right, and now was my chance to propose.

I smiled and put the box in my pocket, closing the glove compartment. I drove to my destination.

The spot was an abandoned amusement park. I entered through a secret passageway I made when I was a child and walked around for a while until I saw her. Her name was Amelia.

She was the only thing keeping me together. She saw me and smiled, and we walked towards an abandoned roller coaster called Fast Fall.

We clomb to the top, something we had did often and stared at the ground beneath us. I always felt a feeling of serene staring at the bottom. I looked at my to-be fiancé and started to speak.

“I-“Was the only thing I managed to say before she abruptly cut me off. “I’m leaving you I need somebody who will give there all to me. You offer nothing.” She refused to look at me after that.

I was shocked. I was flustered. I was- I was. I was angry. I pulled the box out my pocked and mashed it against her skull. She shrieked, and quickly turned around.

Not fast enough to stop my Spartan kick. I watched her fall and listened to the sound of her body smash against the pavement. I smiled and made my way down, going back to my home.

Every day after that was progressively worse. I woke, worked slept. Work worked slept. Woke. Worked. Slept. One day I decided enough was enough, I’m tired of living.

I went out and bought a laptop. I searched forums on Reddit on how to access the dark web. I finally found a program that allowed me to do so, and I went through looking for a contract killer.

I discovered a person who offered a program that included a happy or unfortunate death. The program was Titled Natural Selection. I spent my entire check ordering an unfortunate death.

Before it arrived I decided to tie some loose knots. I traveled to my fathers’ home and kidnapped him while he slept.

I tortured him relentlessly for days, skinning him and draining his body of fluids. I emptied his brain into a pitcher and slow cooked it. As for Tobias, I got to him too.

One night after work I took the light out while he was in the back counting the cash. He stopped and called my name a few times. He came out into the pitch black.

He walked out onto the parking lot and looked around. He shrugged, turning around. The last sound he heard was himself and the nightly bugs singing the songs of dismay.

Finally, you’ve come to kill me. Finally, I can be at eternal peace. I leave this note for you to read in case you wanted to know what drove me to this point. I regret nothing, only myself.

I had to become the predator to overcome the prey. There’s only one thing I can say to you. Thank you. I’ve already won.

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