LONLINESS (It's not a choice)

(It's not a choice) 
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jayshrees Writes for myself
Autoplay OFF   •   4 months ago
Have you ever been alone to the point, it breaks your soul and hopes to continue living?

If you have, you might relate to it.

LONLINESS (It's not a choice)

Is it easy to live?

Is it easy to laugh and smile?

Is it easy to cry when you're hurt?

Is it easy to stop if you're tired?

Is it easy wanting to live even if you lost all hope?

Is it easy to trust people after being torn apart and stabbed multiple times?

Is it easy to keep on living when you've been all alone as far as you look back into your memories?

Just for once, say it for once.

"Live. Don't give up. Just live. You can depend on me if you want."

Even if it's to stop me from giving up on my life, even if you're lying......

I will feel less alone.

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