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jaymcewan Screenwriter, Novelist, Traveller.
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She drove as fast as she could down the one-way road...

Top of the World

She drove as fast as she could down the one-way road.

She sped up a hill, ignoring the noise following her.

The Carpenters were playing from her speakers and she sang along. "Everything I want the world to be, Is now comin' true especially for me"

She didn't care about the blood on her arms and clothes. She continued to tap away at the steering wheel...

The sun blinded her while she drove faster up the hill until she got to the top.

She stopped fifty feet from the edge of the cliff.

Ten police cars stopped behind her and came out with guns pointed at her. They had been on the hunt for someone who murdered several people in a shopping mall.

"And the reason is clear, it's clear because you are here. You're the nearest thing to heaven that I've seen..."

She didn't want to get arrested and figured her only option was to sing and drive. She pressed the gas.

Over she went. And for the first time, she felt on top of the world. "I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation..."

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