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I have been married for twelve years.

We don't have any children, but we never cared to have any.

We've built a good life for ourselves in Paris and our careers are nothing to spit at.

We have a good group of friends and still to this day have Samedi brunches.

Unfortunately, there are things that I my wife.

I hate how she chews loudly when she eats while she's watching my favorite movies.

I hate how she never hears you when you call her name unless you add her last name.

I hate how she picks her nose when she thinks I'm not looking.

I hate when she puts hard fruit on top of soft foods like tomatoes when we are grocery shopping.

I strongly hate when she takes showers and her hair clogs the drain.

I hate when she makes me dinner but always puts tomatoes in my salad. I hate tomatoes.

I hate when she takes majority of the blanket when we sleep at night.

But what I love is that I am the lucky guy who gets to hate these things about her.

And for that, I love her endlessly.

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