Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit romance stories

jaymcewan Screenwriter, Novelist, Traveller.
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Forbidden love is just as tempting as forbidden fruit...

Forbidden Fruit

I watched her as she rehearsed for her performance on The Tonight Show.

She stood there in the middle of the small stage with one hand in her pocket while she sang effortlessly in her own world.

The backup singers moved in unison as they watched her to make sure they were on cue. The drummer, guitarists, saxophonist, and pianist all were playing enthusiastically while they elevated her.

I kept my eyes on her from behind a curtain. She moved her head back and forth feeling the rhythm of the music that she had created herself.

If you ever saw her perform, you would know that she was a special star, with or without a spotlight on her. She gave me chills when she would hit her high notes.

I felt it from the top of my neck to the bottom of my spine. I realized in that moment that I was in love with her. I was only her assistant, but I knew her better than anyone else. Her likes, dislikes, quirks, everything.

Sadly, I couldn't tell her how I felt.

She finished her song and skipped over to me with a huge grin on her face while the musicians and backup singers clapped in unison.

"How was that, huh?" she asked.


"Yea, it was wasn't it? I'm excited for tonight." She said, with a glow on her face.

"Me too. It'll be a night to remember!"

"Julie, you better watch me from behind this curtain! I'll be looking back every so often!"

"Don't you worry! I'll be watching you!"

"Good!" She skipped off to her manager who gave her a white towel and a fresh red apple, her favourite fruit.

Of course, I'll be watching you Whitney. Because I love you.

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