Millenial Rhapsody
Millenial Rhapsody  political stories

jayebird MFA, Oklahoma, 29
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Millenial Rhapsody

Nothing really matters... Because young people don’t vote And the atmosphere pressure cooks Much faster Than the instant pots And saving accounts

Nothing really matters to us Because Green Day was seen as revolutionary Back in my dead With our emo songs twisted With our patriotic Lack of patriotism Nationalistic anthems And queer sense of Jesus Christ’s Sexual preferences Gender identity

Nothing really matters Because this is the greatest country Most magnificent I’ve never seen a better country Because Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, and most everywhere else Rejected my passport That I can’t get With my Oklahoma Driver’s License

No Nothing really matters to me Because I can’t get a good read on what Political party I believe anymore And the boiled down choices between Bad carbs And bad protein Leaves me with just the fat to digest

I’m just a poor boy/girl Left to contemplate Poems I wrote when I was 12 Still being relevant to our modern age

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