Never Defeated Part 3
Never Defeated Part 3 jaya stories

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"Kill me? Or your so-called friends will. I've heard it all. From demons or from the government, it does not matter. I won't die." It continues here...

Never Defeated Part 3

"Kill me? Or your so-called friends will. I've heard it all. From demons or from the government, it does not matter. I won't die." I edge my blade closer... Demon, please talk... please...

don't make me kill you right now... "But you, All-Seer, might. Are you prepared? Or do you need more time."

"Jaya-san... I could tell you anything you ever needed to know... I won't tell you that, but I will tell you where-" The demon's voice gets cut off, and his eyes start to glow a deep green.

I gasp and back away some. Not those eyes... no.... anything but...

"You'll be facing worse than demons, once you find me... or if I find you first... How do you feel about that, you little delinquent?!" I brace my feet and back away from Daq Majai's body.

"Y-You can't... I was young! I'm not the same I was before!" What am I saying? I'm not afraid of him! If he has the intention, then I'll do worse!

The green eyes flash. "You better know not to mess with me. Criminal." I try not to cower, but it is difficult. "It wasn't easy tracking you... and I won't let you go this time.

They must be brought to justice. Just imagine their happiness when-"

"They wouldn't be happy with you blaming me," I mutter, not looking at the eyes. "It isn't what they would have wanted."

"Since when do you care? You're the one who brought their deaths to be true... why do you care now?"

"I don't," I said indignantly. "They got what they deserved. What do you want with me now."

"Oh, the same as always. To sacrifice your body to reincarnate them. Why did you think I'd changed? Vengeance is all I've wanted these past few years. And I will get it." I shake my head.

"No. You're sick. Sick with need." I growl. "Stop pursuing me. It's over now. Let me kill this demon and be done with it, you sick idiot." The green eyes narrow.

"Is that the best way to speak to... family?" I rush forward and stomp on the demon's eyes, hoping to get rid of the spirit possessing Daq Majai. Even the demon was better than this.

To my luck, I hear Daq Majai cry out in pain, not my...

No matter. Now I could get this one out. The eyes turn back to pitch black, and it is a beautiful sight.

"I said not to-Do you treat all your captives like this?" His voice is choked with pain. My eyes widened.

"Oh, so now you're a captive?" I couldn't hold in my laughter. "First mistake. Claiming yourself to be in my clutches. Which means you have to do what I say. And what I want.

" Daq Majai's face went red.

"How- When-"

"You said it, not me," I said, raising my hands up into the air.

"This is taking it too far!" I chuckle.

"You didn't think I would? No, I didn't. I simply used what you'd said and stretched it. I see nothing wrong with that. DO you have a problem with it? Go ahead and say so now... If you wish."

Good old Daq shook his head. I continue to stare down at him. What a pitiful thing. This one acted powerfully, but under the surface, under the pressure, it was weak.

This is what humanity was up against? This was our doom? Some weak human-like creatures? Just then, I vowed I would never die at the hand of one of these weaklings. I would live long...

no matter what. No matter what this life throws at me, I will not die at the hand of a demon. I would continue to slice and dice through them, they wouldn't do the same to me.

They were all doomed. Because who would be coming? Me. I would live long and prosper. Killing demons was my life. As it would be for the rest of my time.

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