Never Defeated part 2
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"Okay..." I don't understand! Luke is never like this! He's timider! Strong, but timid, I don't get it! "Don't go with him." Anaya's voice had a sure tone to it. "He's not your past friend."

Never Defeated part 2

"Okay..." I don't understand! Luke is never like this! He's timider! Strong, but timid, I don't get it!

"Don't go with him." Anaya's voice had a sure tone to it. "He's not your past friend."

"We were never friends," I scowl, not looking back. The forest gets thinner the closer we get to the camp. The sun is now setting, it's light like the blood spilled for our comrades.

Luke probably is the closest thing I could call a 'friend'. I never saw a use for them, but if he wanted help, I helped.

If I needed somewhere to crash for the night, I crashed at his house on the floor. It worked. I don't need anything more.

This new Luke, I didn't know what to think. Did the Gorgon king change him that much? It had only been about 3 months since we'd gone our own ways...

"What are you staring at?" Luke's voice was hard.

"Nothing. How do you know where you're going, you've never been here." Luke's face twists into a scowl.

"I know my way around army camps," He replied, his voice deeper.

"Something's up," I muttered. Luke seems to overhear me and he grabs me by the arm.

"What are you planning?" I look at him. He was taller than I would have liked, and he was normally taller, but he was taller than tall. He was about six feet tall, which was annoying.

I had to look up at him a lot when I was talking to him.

"If I was... why would I tell you?" I respond, not looking at him, but at his Bounty Hunter sheath at his side. This isn't Luke, he always hides it, and he tells me to hide mine too...

he's more careful than this...

"What are you planning?!" He roars.

"Why are you showing your Bounty Hunter crest?!" I roar back. Luke takes this in for a moment, but then he smiles a sick, evil smile.

"I had a change of heart. Don't you?" I bare my teeth.

"Who are you?" I ask slowly. "Where's Luke?" Luke laughs.

"You've been here for too long, the deadness must be getting to you!" It was a good cover, but not enough. I was not going crazy.

Luke wasn't that tall, nor was he this cold! Stating the cold facts was my job! Being abrasive was my job! This was someone else... or a demon.

Demons could inhabit other people's bodies, I knew that, but this isn't Luke's body... it must be another person... or demon.

There are old stories that tell of bodies being stolen and then suddenly coming back. Dead bodies now alive again... a bloody history of demons. It could be worse I guess.

But possibly that was what happened to Luke.

"No, I'm not going to give in. You of all people should know, Luke."

"Whatever. We're almost there." The real Luke would sigh and agree. This one just told me off, which was my job.

A small cabin behind all the others came into sight. It was decorated with banners with dark shapes that blew eerily in the night wind.

"Oi, Luke. Where are we? I've never been here before."

"Are you that stupid? We're going to Lyon's quarters." How did he know the Captain's name? Okay, this is definitely a demon. No doubts.

"Hurry up!" Luke shouted. The farther we'd gone, the more cold and tough he'd gotten.

"Showing your true self, now are we?" I muttered to myself. The imposter Luke's head turned.

"What did you say?" His voice is low and deadly. In other words, nothing to be worried about!

"I said, good thing we're almost there," I said sarcastically. "You know you were never able to hurt me."

"I just never wanted to. I could if I wanted to." he glares at me. I give him a nagging smile.

"Phf. Sure."

"Shut up," His voice is starting to have a demonic edge to it. I fold my arms and continue.

The closer we got, the banner shapes were in the shape of a clawed hand. They weren't black silhouettes, they were in a deep, deep red. In the shape of a knife.

I tense and touch my sword at my side.

"Oh, you won't need that," The imposter's voice is sickly sweet.

"Arrogance was never a good shade on you, Luke." His eyes narrowed taking in this information. "And you never know what could be inside."

"Lyon can't be that bad!" His voice goes higher.

"Yeah, Luke doesn't sound like that. Good try though." I wave the intruder off. "I'm not stupid. You... might think I am. Don't think about it."

"Why not?" His voice is challenging. "Try me."

"Oh, I will. But for your information, Luke wouldn't do that either." I touch my sword's hilt. It's a green and black mix, made of black ivory. Made to kill anything it slices through.

"Cut your facade," I demanded. "I know you aren't Luke. Cut the disguise."

"Oh, but I am Luke, sweetums." I felt my face contort into a glare.

"For your information, that never happened in between me and Luke." I scowl. I feel my face grow red, but I shake it off. This demon was creating a fantasy that wasn't real...

I had to forget him.

"Come closer, my love."

"Shut up!" I run forward and punch the imposter in the side of the head, a demon's weak spot. Luke falls over onto his side, moaning.

His body starts to transform, it is a horrible sight, seeing my acquaintance twitch like that.

His face pales, his hands curve into sharp points, his uniform turns into a light tunic, and pants stamped with a red knife. His eyes turn a pale red color, then turn jet black.

His shoes wither away, and the demon's feet show through. They are clawed like the hands and wet with blood.

The demon's breath is ragged. I stare down at it. I can't kill it just yet, I need information. Why he was impersonating Luke, and where the real Luke is.

"You're not a darling like I thought."

"Oh yeah?" I challenged myself. "When was I ever a good child?"

"You're demonic... like me... Are you a demon?" This question catches me off guard.

"No... Don't rope me in with you!" I shout, unsheathing my sword. It glints in the now moonlight. The demon looks at it and then laughs.

"You couldn't kill me even if you wanted to. I have what you want... and you have what I need. You need information... I need your blonde friend..." My breath catches.

"A-Anaya? Why would you need her?" The demon laughs a rusty laugh. "Don't laugh! I have a sword, and I'm not afraid to use it!"

"And I have a need, and I'm not going to let go of it."

"She's just a normal girl! What do you want with her?" I demand. Anaya was so innocent... why would a demon need her?

"She's the opposite of nasty! Which you are!" I spat. "You aren't gonna have her." I step on the demon's chest. "Where is Luke?" The demon laughs again.

"You seem obsessed with him, am I right? So do we have a deal? The blonde for the cursed?" The... cursed?

"I'm not obsessed! What do you mean, cursed?" The demon rolls it's eyes, showing the gray pupils. I recoil in disgust. But I can't let this one escape.

"Do I have to spell it out... A curse is a demented spell that someone casts on someone else. You really are shallow-"

"I know the definition of cursed!" I shouted, annoyed. "Don't doubt my skills. Or knowledge."

"What knowledge, Jaya?"

"How do you know my name?" I asked. Am I really that popular among the demons? Had I made that sort of reputation for myself? The demon gave out a sharp laugh.

"Of course I know your name, I am the All-Knower. I am Daq Majai, the Seer above all."

Daq Majai? I seemed to recognize that name...but from where I had no idea. I start to walk away unknowingly. The demon snarls. I jerk around, unsheathing my green and black sword.

"The jig is up," I proclaim, pointing my sword at it. "Where's Luke, and what do you want with Anaya?" The demon stays silent.

"This sword can kill demons in seconds," I threaten. "Tell me or I'll use it." The demon laughed again. I'm almost tempted to run it right through his head, but I need the information.

"Child, you won't do it... you're too weak." Well, that got my attention.

"Do you want to start a war between demons and humans? Is that what you want?" I scowl. "I'm not weak. I'll slice through your race as much as I wish."

"They all say that, don't they, young warriors? When are you going to follow through with it?" I needed something to intimidate it, something, anything at all!

"I will." My voice even to myself seems low and dangerous. "I will end you, just like all the others. I repeat, where is Luke?"

"Obsessed..." The demon sang. "Exactly what I thought." I clench my fist tight onto my sword.

"He wasn't supposed to come back today... he was supposed to come a month ago! Don't you get it, All-Seer Daq Majai?" Daq Majai just laughed. His face contorted into an evil grin.

"Have been worried, Jaya-chan? Sounds like-" I held up a hand and showed my blade to his arm. It sliced through cleanly and Daq Majai screamed.

His arm fell to the ground with a thud and he writhed in pain. I watched him, almost interesting. His arm twitched for a minute then disappeared.

I glared back at him, and put my boot on his chest.

"Well, well, well. Look who has the upper hand now. Will you talk?" I whisper, smiling in his own evil way.

"Y-You're despicable," he spat. "As for information... never. The demons will kill you for this... If you continue you're sure to die." I ponder this for a moment.

"Of course. I'm sure your.. Friends will come to your pitiful side. As for the threat... I'm not afraid of death. Are you? Or shall I just..." I put my blade to the side of his head.

He twitches, almost onto my blade.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you," I smile. "I'm hungry. And a demon skewer would be very nice." Daq Majai gives out a guttural roar as his eyes go jet black.

"Y-you wouldn't eat me... I taste horrible..." I chuckled.

"Of course I won't. Not raw. I'll burn you up first, then I'd throw you into hell." I threatened. "Now...

what can you tell me? Or shall I get some kindling right now?" Daq Majai's face twitched.

"I-I will never speak! Throw me wherever kill me in any way, and you'll die in a much worse way... I swear I'll-"

More shall come.

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