Hunters are Made, not Born
Hunters are Made, not Born jaya stories
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What makes a Bounty Hunter?

Hunters are Made, not Born

What makes a Hunter? A badge? An engraved Hunter dagger? Or is the skill that they carry? The jobs they complete?

Is it the stories that they carry around in the back of their minds, motivating them? The... rank?

Or is a Hunter made of other stuff... such as their inside contacts... shady friends? I for one, don't believe in friends. They're a waste, they always end up stabbing you in the back.

Or they betray you, take all your money, take your gold, rank... ID... Yeah. Friends are a no-no. They're in the way of a successful life. A mission is all I need. A mission and a purpose.

The purpose of my life is simple: Live long and prosper. Get the most out of humanity before we all perish. Sounds simple, right?

No. Humans have a problem. They don't have enough need. They don't have enough desire to succeed. Me, I continue until my goal is seen through. I don't see any other way.

What other to do in life than succeed? Failure isn't an option... but if you do...

One thing... To be a Hunter, you've got to have guts. Or you don't have a chance in the world.

Life throws this at us, and Hunters are made, not born.

I've been made into one, and I always will be one.

I'm a fighter

I'm a resister

I'm a criminal

I'm a Hunter.

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