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I was walking one day and this story is what I imagine when I think about what would’ve happened if I had stopped to talk to that stranger I saw.

What if

By Jay L.

“Hi, I know this is unusual but is it ok if I ask you something?”

I knew this sudden interaction with a stranger would make her uncomfortable. I had gone far from home, it had been a few hours before I started my walk. There was a low chance she had ever seen me and I knew I had never seen her.

That was what made it so easy to approach her. I had no fear of repercussions or judgement. I knew I could say anything and it wouldn’t matter. We would never meet again.

“Um.. yes that’s fine” she said as she made her way towards me cautiously. Her backyard fence was separating us but she was still hesitant.

“How do you know who you are” I asked. She looked confused so I explained “It seems to me that some people know exactly who they are meant to be. Their hobbies, careers, and personality are all known so naturally. I can’t understand that. I have no idea who I am.”

She smirked, “ I don’t think you can expect me to know any of this. We have never met.”

I finally understood how absurd this whole interaction was. I was embarrassed and started to leave.

“Wait, just because I don’t know who you are doesn’t mean you don’t. You don’t have to be something you know. Just figure out who you want to be.”

I stopped “Thank you although, that seems easier said than done.”

“Maybe it is. Some people try to find themselves their whole life. But, it’s easier to find something you don’t have to search for.”

I started my walk home and never saw her again.

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