She's mad again
She's mad again romance stories

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Relationships are hard, love makes it that way

She's mad again

Another argument, another situation that I'm completely oblivious in. She's again 100% right & I'm 100% wrong again...

Brand new rhythm, but it's the same old song... A bunch of la-di-da's... Slowly climaxing to the big DING DONG...

She cares about who's right, I just want to be left alone... Fantasizing how this situation would end if life was like porn...

In the middle of the vile intellect, a looming stare then straight violent sex... Not today, just a sequence of questions, missed quotes & memory tests...

A symphony of emotions, with the sweetest melodies that I detest... She proclaims another regret, like a frenzy of violins strumming through frets...

Love is a funny thing, no one knows what it truly means... It's the strongest & toughest building, with the most fragile support beams...

Sometimes, the best love is the one that hurts the most... Like reminiscing about borders when you can no longer see the coast

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