Secrets of a soccer dad. Vol. 1
Secrets of a soccer dad.
                Vol. 1 mom stories

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When adults get bored at kid events some of the wildest things could happen

Secrets of a soccer dad. Vol. 1

Which ones yours? Always puts a smile on my face & shines a light in my darkest void. The true rewards of this soccer dad is the never ending catalog of soccer moms.

They come in many shapes & sizes. With cabinets filled with life learned lessons & traits. My favorite traits of there's are there insatiable sex drives & kinkiness.

Soccer mom: Daniel I loved her smile & her beautiful array of yoga pants, specially the nylon ones. She was filled with energy & pizazz.

We casually: locked eyes momentarily exchanging light youthful smirks, awkward head nods & half hand waves.

As adults who've crossed a few dance floors, we casually broke the ice. While being cautious of the watchful eyes of other parents.

Our conversations were short & very Disney at 1st. But as adults in a kids theater we found ourselves injecting intricate contents in the fogs of our laughter. Giving new meanings to Beauty & the Beast, Lion King, Snow White & etc...

After a month or so, of continuos flirting & blatant sexual innuendos we took the plunge into the lake of discrete pleasures... We set boundaries, we establish codes and gestures.

Codes: No Panties Play Leggings: Brutal & Rough play Sun Dress: All holes access Jeans: Rough Gag Session

We turned our back seats into pleasure arenas. We turned public restrooms into filthy back drops to our dirty phone videos.

Our fiery secret played out for the rest of the soccer season. For every goal score that allowed screaming, & every bruised knee that required a store run we were grateful.

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