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Darling I don't just love your face.


By Jawad Khalique

Any person will get bored if you give them one dish to eat for the whole month...

... even if it is the best in the world.

The same can be said for human beings.

A person may lose interest in their partner even if they're extremely handsome or pretty after some time...

...because they get bored if they look at the same face all the time.

The thing is....

We're not dishes, we're human beings, we have so much more to us than looks.

What matters eventually is not your outer but inner beauty.

Your personality, your sense of humor, your ambitions, your knowledge, your ideas, your beliefs, because nobody thinks like, "Where will I find a pretty face like this?"

Everyone thinks like, "Where will I find someone who can keep me as happy as this person can ?".

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