What have I Become
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Sometimes who we are is just an extension of the things we think we hate the most or love.

What have I Become

I pulled my tie from my shirt as I ran frantically into the bathroom, I ran to the wash basin and held it so tight, my knuckles almost turned white.

I slowly looked in the mirror and there it was... the one thing I was running away from was staring right at me, I yelled... WHAT HAVE I BECOME!

while I was growing up I swore never to be like those people that prevented me from living my life as I saw fit. They constantly told me what I could never be, not what I could be.

They yelled at me whenever I said I wanted to be better than them.

I always wanted to be left alone because I never liked spending time with them.

as time went on, I grew up and became my own man.

I did everything opposite to what they did.

I even became everything they said I couldn't be.

I was finally happy, I was no more at the mercy of my bullies.

but then this evening, as I was at the restaurant with my family.

I looked at my son and my wife,

I looked all around me and I began to notice the similarities,

the similarities between me and those I tried not to be all my whole life.

I was the exact thing I hated so much.

I ran to the bathroom and yelled at the mirror asking,

who have I become?

The man in the mirror replied in a voice that was clear and sharp enough to cut through even a heart made of titanium alloy.

it said,

you have become your PARENTS.

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