Dial up - A quarantine call with someone from abroad
Dial up - A quarantine call with someone from abroad covid stories
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Dial up - talk to somebody from abroad while in quarantine. Read it before going to bed.

Dial up - A quarantine call with someone from abroad

Dial up - It’s my very first time to meet someone using an app. More precisely, it’s my first time to talk to someone connected on an app. It’s new to me but I’m not afraid. I’m not living in the 80s.

I opened the app as if I were to open a Christmas gift that’s gonna surprise me. I put my finger onto the app’s icon. I clicked onto it.

A welcome screen with an image of a phone popped up. I’m thrilled and excited. “You never try, you never know”, I said it to myself.

I scrolled down on the app’s menu. I lined myself up with whatsoever topics I saw. I waited for a few minutes. I wondered if it’d work?

I waited for a few minutes and after a few more minutes, a call came in. I’m connected with Alice from the United States of the America.

She’s 21 years old. She lives in Washington. She’s in college. She’s majoring in Biology and Neural Science. She’s smart. She’s intelligent. She’s beautiful.

If you were to ask me where did I form this impression, there’s a profile picture shown on the screen. Then, she talked about her dreams and I was listening.

She wanted to be a doctor. A doctor that saves lives. A professional that people can rely on. A wife of a husband. A mother of a child in a family people dream about having.

What came after her nice introduction were worries and fears. She said about her worries. She’s worried about the virus. A virus that takes lives.

“It’s unprecedented. It’s dangerous. It’s highly contagious. Millions of lives are living in threats and fears in the United States including my friends.”, she continued.

Many of her friends were infected by the virus. They’re desperately looking for cures. Desperately, people had been looking for cures.

“Were there anything I could do to help my friends?”, she mourned. She felt powerless. She needed someone to talk to. She needed someone to lean on.

She learnt about the app from a newspaper where she saw when shopping for groceries. She downloaded the app. She’s looking for somebody.

I felt the same nervousness as I can totally understand how scary it’s. It‘s as cold as a cold blade cutting through the wind at the dark of the night.

She talked about many different things. Schools. Families. Relationships. She’s eager to talk about herself and she loved talking to me.

For most of the time in our conversation, I was the listener. I enjoyed being the listener. However, I just felt sort of weird to listen to stories from someone who lives in thousands miles away.

I looked at my watch. We’ve been talking for about 15 minutes. I’m surprised that time’s gone so quickly.

“Dinner time, Darling!”, my mom shouted loud and clear. It came to the end of our conversation. I’d to go. We wrapped up our call by exchanging our social media’s accounts.

Towards the end of our conversation, she said to me, “It’s a great pleasure talking to you! Hopefully, we’ll be meeting someday”.

I nodded my head with a smile. “Alright! Good talking to you. “Definitely I’m sure I’ll see you someday!”, I said.

I hanged up my phone with a feeling that I can never explain.

I wondered if we’re ever to meet again. I wondered if we’re ever to talk again. I wondered if we’re ever to see each other. A lot of wonders left in my head.

Would I talk to her again? Would I dream about her? Would I see her in person?

“If you were to find Alice, you’d have to go to the wonderland, I’m afraid, my son.”, my mom said.

I finished my meal. I prepared myself to go to sleep. I lied in my bed. I whispered to myself, “Alice, would I ever meet you again?”. I closed my eyes. I’m ready to bed.

I slept very well, soundly. I had a sweet sweet dream. I went to the wonderland. I was with Alice. And Alice was with me.

Indeed, the wonderland exists if we open our hearts to somebody. Dial up - connect to someone from abroad.

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