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You see no one is innocent, you all have something to hide. I play on that I can haunt you. I can bring back those memories. I have a power that you should never underestimate.

I am the spark that will light the fuse of your downfall. I am here from the heavens above to deal justice upon your kind. I may not physically hurt you, but you will pay.

Physical pain is nothing. It's a mere sensation that doesn't last. I bring on something much worse. Something people can never explain. An unequivocal pain hits them like a two tonne truck.

That bitch of a teacher got all she deserved. When she looked into me it made me angry, ready to do as much harm to her as possible. A baby killing bitch needed to be taken care of.

I got inside her head, deep down. I wormed my way in.

Every night when she was asleep I opened up the can of worms with trumpets blaring. I flooded her minds with images of death that I would inflict on her and her family..

Images of the baby; her lying there dead in the well. I made her cry herself to sleep and just when she thought the dreams had stopped I snuck back up and pounded her head.

It only took a few days before it got too much. She couldn't take it anymore. She got the sharpest knife in the house and opened up the river Ganges from her wrist. I was still in her mind.

I made her come forth and rub it into my face. It felt good as the blood dried. It gave me power and energy.

she took a day before she bled out. The dump bitch, missed her vitals but she cut deep enough to cause unbearable pain. That was my doing. She needed to die painfully.

I pushed her to the edge, there's no doubt about it but she made her own way there like they all do. They all deserved it.

The mullet cunt looked at me every night before bed, always playing with his hair. Touching it, combing it. In his head he could get any woman he wanted with the click of his fingers.

He thought Brad Pitt was no match for him, in reality he looked like an overweight pig stuffed into a ken doll sized suit with a balding head in toe.

In reality, the only woman who would ever sleep with him took cash to undress. He wasn't a player, he was a mumbling idiot.

It was one night; it was dark, the room was light with candles. I could see him getting ready. Always touching his greasy hair, just stroking it. Re-aligning it.

It looked no better than when it started. The door bell went and he scurried to answer it.

What he did not know when he went down those stairs is that he was in control. He wasn't. I can tell you that much.

I was in his mind taking over and he was about to end his reputation on the spot.

Once the pretty little thing was getting undressed. Mr Minister grabbed onto the bedside lamp and swung it hard into the back of her head. He repeated this until the bed sheets turned crimson.

That's when I left him to stew in his own thoughts.

After a minute, I climbed back in. He brought me her blood and rubbed it into my glass. I could feel it seeping in. It felt so nice and warm, so fresh.

It wasn't long before they charged him with murder. Everything he knew came crumbling down. A man like him deserved torturous nights, death wasn't good enough.

He needed to pay and they will inflict every night on him before he enters the pits of hell.

Now you must wonder about the vet. I was in his surgery and he looked at me deep down. This one was the best. The baby killer and MP were not evil to the core, but this man was so evil.

I could Feel his energy deepen. Every layer of his skin was evil. He would have to be extra special.

I first got him to undress. Then I unlocked the cage of a dog who was staying overnight to treat rabies. I made the dog attack, and he drew blood. He made deep lacerations over his body .

He bit and chewed and then he consumed. The dog ate part of him. I then got the dog to come to me where his head exploded. Blood soaked me, making me more and more powerful .

By now you should realise I have power, they have fed me this power for a very long time.

So I told you the story and you may wonder why. What have you got to hide? What is under your mask? What are you hiding deep down?

Well, nothing you're a saint and that's what I need. I have been inside a mirror too long. I can't do his work unless I move into another body, a pure body from mind to soul.

Don't make this harder than it needs to be.

I can sense that you're not the biggest fan. You're getting angry. But why are you getting angry, your anger is fuelling me? You should know that.

What are you going to do with that? You really think.


Really, you are making this difficult, I will put myself back together, you know that. Give me a second to be whole again. You're trying to run, stop fighting this.

No, stop fighting, there is no way for you to win this. There is no way for you to escape. Your legs won't move.

I am whole again. Now let me see your secret.

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