Alliteration in Snow

Alliteration in Snow

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within Me.
curious captive, gaze
through glass,
reflect feeling
familiar mind mirror

Alliteration in Snow

Come, within Me. curious captive, gaze through glass, reflect feeling familiar mind mirror

Meet me. morning overture, oblige otherwise welcome, warm tact thaws trepidation

Touch me. tenderly fingers, fondle flakes I fall for you, fell clutches of cliché

Change me. My chaste canvas venerates vision nativity, dream ladened destroyer derive

Dance with me. deny inhibitions, We waltz under white, crystal colony even kings covet

Kiss me. consummate, molecules melt o'er lover's lips ignite rhapsodic revolution

Remember me. reminisce, forsaken fling absent of alibi, saint shamed from sins of summer's day

Don't you recognize me? December dew, I'm your breadth of blanket, I'm your snow angel smile, do you Remember?

cryptic composer, creating window words with magic misty mouth whisper, do you Remember?

winter wish child, waiting to revel in rapture when sky descends to deep drift, please Remember me. Do you?

Yes, I remember...

nostalgic nomad, moving meloncholy, merrily hails harrowed harmonies Haunt me

hypothermic revenant, rouse eidolic illusions of forgotten fantasy forlorn Fool Me.

false felicity, sophia succumb to sentiment, assuage my abiding hell Hurt Me.

harsh bitter bite, embody lost love's brumal being, bleak life frost-burnt from felled fairy-tale Forgive me.

forever, barren Beloved, past plagues my cold cowardice, cleanse me then, in living lucidity Leave me.

let me lament, wistfully withdrawl into waters, weeping songs for spring's fabled fountains Forget me.

first kiss friend, bittersweet brume beacon through glass gaze,

pearl dust peasant pause, prison phonecall touch

Without me, go.

--Jason Green

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