Why setting goals is important:
Why setting goals is important:  an inside look at one of my goals stories

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Translated from @jason 's blog with permission.

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Why setting goals is important:

an inside look at one of my five goals

Setting goals is important

both personally and for your organization.

Today I want to talk about one of the five goals

Why I set it, and how I am executing it.

Be the most sought-after angel investor in the world

My goal. Five years ago I started angel investing, and got lucky enough to invest in Uber’s and Thumbtack’s first rounds (under $10m valuation — combined).

“Heck, I just might be good at this!”

So I set a big, audacious goal for myself to be

“The World’s Greatest Angel Investor.”

What does it mean to be the greatest? Largest returns? Most investments? Greatest according to whom?

"Best" means being so helpful that they come to you

After some reflection, I realized that what’s important when judging an angel investor is how sought-after they are. The BEST means being so helpful they come to you

Efficiently going after a single goal

I decided to optimize my “platform” around being helpful. My theory being that if we are absurdly helpful, word will spread — and boy has it!

Platform to help startups

My 10-person team doesn’t angel invest, they are building a platform to help startups across a dozen different product lines, of which a half-dozen are public knowledge:

1. This Week in Startups

My podcast has been going for six years and over 500 episodes. My Emmy-award winning producer Jacqui seeks out 150 or so guests per year to fill our 104 episodes,.

2. LAUNCH Festival

12,000 folks came to the Festival this year and 11,000 of them came as our guest! Two hundred of the 225 DEMO PIT tables were free to startups.

3. Blog and Email

Our email list has broken 50,000 subscribers and more than half of them open our emails each time. We give out a ton of free advice.

4. LAUNCH Incubator

Instead of just investing in companies, we are now spending 12 weeks with them refining their ideas.

5. LAUNCH Fund & AngelList Syndicate

9 out of 10 of the deals our angel fund invests in also goes to our AngelList Syndicate members. Those members get to invest alongside me (>500 are doing so now)

6. LAUNCH Ticker

The LAUNCH Ticker is our research department, currently staffed at two. Those two researchers summarize the news every day.

We have another six products that are not public

and that we are not going to make public. As you can imagine, all of these things combine to give us a platform that is massively valuable to a new startup.

We bring customers, employees, investors

In fact, at a party recently two senior executives at Uber stopped me and said they reached out to Travis after seeing him on This Week in Startups.

“To support founders and inspire innovation.”

The mission of the LAUNCH company.

To achieve my goal

Right now, I’m told objectively I’m #3-#10,. Now, it’s not a competition. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t hit *my* goal of being the most sought after.

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