012 Friendship
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he left but what can i do?

012 Friendship

he left

but what can i do?

to him we're just that normal friends who goof around with each other

for me its a different thing

i like you not because i wanted to start a relationship with you

i like you because you're a very strange friend to hangout with

i like your company, your weird habits that i'm amused to

our conversations that are very unusual and surprising that i want more

yet i can't say a word out to express how i felt

the reason that i'm sad is not entirely when he left

i'm sad because it feels really lonely to be the only person who feels this way

the things we did became a memory

i gotta force myself to forget this feeling while seeing him go

i don't know what's the word that is in between friendship and relationship

but that's it, you were a good friend

thanks for giving me good memories to look back to

but i guess our path ends here

i like you and goodbye

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