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If you're feeling low, you can go out while enjoying the company of your friends, family, and nature and if still feels bad, crying may help sometimes.
Now think, if there's no water, food and no life on Earth? Maybe hell will be a good place for us to cry?

Spread peace, happiness and save resources!

Be happy.

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We Can Cry

If there’s something destroying us,

If there’s anything pinching us,

If there’s no way out,

We know we can cry

Without letting others know.

If there’s no light,

If there’s no relation,

If there’s no treatment,

We know we can cry,

But we don’t.

If there’s this pain demarcating us,

If there’s some fight,

If there’s only lie,

We know we can cry,

To show how much it hurts.


If there’s no water,

If there’s no food,

If there’s no air,

We know we can cry,

In the hell indeed.

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