Feeling Low
Feeling Low sad stories

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My Feelings

Feeling Low

Like you wanna to cry so hard but can


Becoming sick of everything

Parents always nagging about things

Don't see what you have,

fucking achieved but will see where the fuck have you failed even if you have put in

efforts. Compares you with all the other student in the school.

Failed to see the effort only want the dayum fucking results

Working my ass of day and night

Sleep till 9 still a problem what the fuck you expect I slept at 3:30 -4

Can't be awake at or 6. And go for wallk like you use to

Walk to your school or tuition or even drive a bike

How the fuck are you expect us to do that.

Yes sometimes you to run away from home,

I see this whole education system is no anything more than a prision

You grow

they dont

times change

every single bit of a connection's gonna break

under pressure you just walk, ground breaks

Trapped try to haste till no matter what it takes

Look at my land, so short now I stand

Leaving me in dust and now I just can’t

Can’t be the best no more

day and night these pieces i've been trying to put along

my battles and my fights i'm expressing through this song

I've been hammering these nails into resilience

fusing words together to radiate my brilliance

the sun has risen and i'm beaming up like anthelion.

I Wish you all best of luck

living the life

While I be gone.

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