First Love By Jasey Lovegood
                       First Love

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jasey_lovegood "Don't forget to smile, my love."
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A story about First Love for @secret_lover's writing comp

First Love By Jasey Lovegood

First love will always be special to everyone.

First love is the sensation of beauty mixed with love poured like wine in a glass.

First love is melodies upon harmonies born into a song.

First love is like a crystal, shining radiantly or hiding amongst rock, and when found, is cherished.

First love is magic and pixie dust kept in a bag and spread over hearts.

First love is like breathing for the first time in a long while, as it seeps into our lungs.

First love is grace and merriment for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

First love is dreams complied together to make a wish come true.

First is love is paint and pencil merged into one to make a masterpiece.

First love is smiles and kisses when they hold you tightly.

First love is thinking about them, day and night, calling them when you're free.

First love is pen on paper, written down like a prophecy.

First love was you and me.

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