A motherfuckin hypocrite
A motherfuckin hypocrite break up stories

jaredpillay Community member
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Post break up feels.

A motherfuckin hypocrite

Imma start this off by clearing stating that I ain't a petty person

I've been forced to express my feelings after been oppressed during my whole time with you

Shout out to me

I ordered Ubereats when you were sick and walked from upper to your place to pick it up for you

Signing your motherfucking lease for you

What ? Serious pretty fucked up

The fuck

I actually did that

Ouens are fucking insane

To every time I walked you back from Sandown

And you didn't want to let me go home

So we continuously walked the route several times till you felt less lonely


I'm the sweetest guy but this ain't right

7 months

Slowly showing your delicate side

Unwinding petal by petal like a rose

Yet I didn't notice the serpent that was hiding underneath

Insecurities slowing increasing in frequency

Fights gradually increasing in intensity

That could only be solved with endless sushi or a set of metal straws from Takealot

Yet you chose not to end it

Slowly chipping away at my heart

Suppressing the fire I have inside

You etched yourself in my memories

Scratches on back

Hurt in my eyes

Betrayal in my heart


Like I'm going to let you take over my life

Go fuck your hobbit ass boyfriend

And realize that for every second that passes

I'm getting stronger




Imma use you as motivation

Cause you remind me of something I don't ever want to be

A motherfuckin hypocrite

But imma still pray for you

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