We Stopped Talking.
We Stopped Talking. lovestory stories

jannahcacho I'm 24. Hi. 💕
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Just a random thought you normally get when you miss him.

We Stopped Talking.

by jannahcacho

"It was December 22. The night the world was supposed to end but to us, it was our beginning. We met, we walked, we talked. We star gazed and realized we were looking at each other. Remember?

I still and will always do. I remember wanting it to be you. I remember what you whispered that night. I remember why I playfully 'slapped' you on the cheek.

I remember your grin. I remember your warmth, your scent, your sound. I remember it till now. I remember my awkwardness, your clingyness, our firm grip to stay together. We were working on it.

We wanted us to happen. We were supposed to be together. We were beautiful... Until we stopped talking. Jxxx"

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