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When you want the new one to not let him go because he's special. Tell her this.


by jannahcacho

You are luckier. When we stopped talking, I regretted that for years. Know why? He is special. No not the special kind you guys had. What WE had was just friendship and yet he became special.

So get the point here: If I was able to consider him special despite us just being friends, imagine how huge his impact was in your life. I know, I know he can be stubborn at times, aggressive,

clingy even but you'll miss that. Because that's what he does: he shows you how much he needs you in a crowded place. He expresses how much you mean to him in a room full of people.

He voices out that you are his world in front of your friends. The good thing about it? He's never embarrassed. You're going to miss how he holds your hand when you cross the street or pats your

back just because he wants to. You'll miss his scent sticking to your clothes, sometimes on your hand too. You'll miss how magical your name sounds when he calls you. You'll miss how your face

fits on the crest of his neck when you hug. You'll miss how he plays your hair while you watch a movie. You'll miss him. The way he tells you he loves you and that he's never gonna leave.

You'll miss him. You'll miss it all. Trust me you will.

Because I do. Jxxx

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