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The whole story about how to heal yourself from the sophisticating problems and how to " Take problems in a positive way". -@JNATHS

By: Janhavi Nath Sharma(@JNATHS)



by Janhavi Nath Sharma(@JNATHS)

When I met her at the corner of her eyes, she was like the happiest soul when I tried to enter in her , she fully incarnated herself in the sorrow one.

She was like incarcerated with the pain , sadness , misery , when I got entered in her she was surrounded with calamity , persecution ,trouble .

I asked her mind how what are you so sad ?

Her patience of being silent broken , and her tears took their pavement ,(the releasing liquid gave her a cool sensation) she got relaxed and then she replied - you know what is a mask ?

A mask...... something that is used to hide a face - I replied . She said yes you're right .The same I'm wearing always .

You know, no one tried to understand me and not even I tried to show them ,well it is not a good topic to talk , I said "wait" I want to know the reason of these pain .

And how could I help you to get rid from the combat of pain ? Goddess of sorrow replied I didn't ask you to help me , I said but I want to help you to come out from the well of "ache ".

She said but i don't want to push you in my problem . I replied if you will not get rid of these problem ,one day it'll become the cause of "your"death .

I'm facing these from my adolescent and now it became my habit ' She replied in a low voice'. I said but it is not a good thing to leave yourself in the mud.

She replied I tried a lot to come out from these but now nothing left for this .

I said keep hope , the whole world is settled upon the hope "no body's life is as easy as pie "even a dog have to fight for a meal and a birds have to fight for their survival ,

if they will loose their hope ,then nothing will live in this world "Always keep hope ,the hope will give you the way to reach the goal" .Always hold your chin up and do your best .

She asked - would it really help me to come out of this . I said yes but if you want to and you'll have to give your full effort. But "how hope would generate in me ? she asked".

I replied- by seeing the creature and their way that how they are surviving in this elusive world and how they overthrow their problems and ,expect for a better day with new hope and energy' .

"Have a look over this elusive world" and this will make you satisfy that every creature is born for some goal and in achievement of these goal they have to face lots of problem

and problems gives you opportunities, a way to think , a way to become harder , problems are steps toward achievement ,not for sorrow.

"Don't let your problem to dominate upon yourself , Enjoy the problems in positive way ;don't let yourself to deep in the darkness of negativity"


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