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A small poem I wrote about what I sometimes think. dont worry, im fine.


by janeeverlasting

I'm wide Awake

my Life

now at stake

running from those who Hate



in sight

is it Mine

or them


knows till we get there

who are They


am I

what do I do to Escape

life, family, Friends

running from the Truth

I now can see Whos

death it is

and I Stop and Hang

my head

I think about my Life

my Family

who love me

my friends who Jokeingly

tease me

then I remember the Bullies

the Insults

they telll me

what Little I've done

to help Others

what little Impact

I've made on the world

"you're Ugly."

the insult Repeats in my mind I cover it up with Makeup

" You're fat."

over and Over I stop Eating

I'd cry Every Night

repeating these Insults in my head

What should I do?

I Question

what should I Do?

I Repeat

a Voice

" no-one Likes you."

" go Die."


I curl up Crying agian

I Dont like it

I want it to End

with that Line

the glass shard Cuts The Skin on my arm

I dont Scream I fall to Sleep

no-ones Awake I say

and fall asleep for Eternity

Im Asleep

my life now Spent

Wishing for those who love me

Heaven in sight

its Mine I know

I am Who I am

and I have Finally Escaped


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