Moon child By JaneDoe
Moon child 

By JaneDoe  moon stories

janedoekay Community member
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I’m looking out my window as I put this together, watching the moon is something I do every night

Moon child By JaneDoe

Iv always been drawn to the moon, its silver light I have to see it every night

I still love the sun, but the moon it has something over me In my window every night , I gaze upon its lovely sight

Breathtaking it is, on the water it’s reflection does a happy dance Do you watch the moon? Give it a chance

Connected to thee, that I am, I can feel it every time my eyes meet its light I promise it’s the most fetching sight

It’s in control of the ocean tides Even for the water, it’s a guide

The moon is within everything, connected through life It’s piercing beauty, sharp as a knife

I don’t know why I hold the moon so dear But I feel so safe, at night it’s always near

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