Fish bowl By JaneDoe

Fish bowl

By JaneDoe 

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janedoekay Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   9 months ago
This is for my boyfriend. Iv never shared my poems with him, he wants to see this side of me because it’s the only side he hasn’t seen yet. This is for him 🥰

Fish bowl By JaneDoe

No matter the time, no matter the place In my memory I have your face

It’s always there, something I truly adore How could I ever want more?

When I wake up you’re always there, in my heart where I carry you I often say how I just knew The feeling I had it was true

I knew since day one, we’d end up together I feel like it’s something that can last forever 

You promised me the fish bowl and our own little place As long as we get there, we don’t have to race 

Together we can build our very own empire Making it everything we both desire

Every wall between us must come down Once they do, no one could ever take our crown

No matter the place, no matter the time In my heart, I know you’ll always be mine

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