Fine lines By JaneDoe
Fine lines

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janedoekay Community member
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Long read but it holds so much meaning to me

Fine lines By JaneDoe

Many will say it’s a fine line between love and hate When I first saw you I knew it was fate

It pulled us together, and your so very fine. I truly can see your one of a kind.

Why do I love you? No words can define It’s simple, I know in my heart you were made to be mine

You seen me, we spoke, we went on a date Months and months pass and it still feels like fate

But that night came along, you didn’t hesitate

It started this war between my heart and my mind. Now I’m asking myself, are you blind?

Now when I gaze upon your cute face I’m constantly asking, is this my place?

Now when I see you my heart feels so mad I think I might hate you, is that so bad? But then even thinking such makes me so sad

When you love someone your hopes are so high He would never hurt you He isn’t that guy

So when he does the pain , it bursts And yet somehow I still love him, even at his worst

The people you love They always come first so when they hurt you it’s always worse

That’s why the line between love and hate is so very fine It’s easy to hate when the love was so blind The lines have always been that way since the beginning of time

I hate you so much but this is still fate I just have to live within the lines between love and hate

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