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janedoekay Community member
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When things are hard I tend to shut people out, that’s not healthy and something I shouldn’t be doing. I seem to just stop caring about the future at times because I lose hope. I’m trying to keep that hope alive and the only way to do so is to believe, I’m so lucky to have someone who notices when im off , he never lets me forget

Believe By JaneDoe

I see you

I see you, the real you The part you try to hide Sweetie I can see you tried

I see you , I know you sit up all night an cry I know you, at night your mind is flooded and you want to give up and die

I see you, your constantly searching for a reason why I know you, you want to disappear and say goodbye

I know that’s not you,it’s not who you are You never give up, you’ve come way to far

Even on the days you question yourself, I’ll always believe in you no what So leave the door open, don’t slam it shut

I see you, i know you, I love you, Your not the type who can just leave So I’m telling you don’t give up, and most of all just believe.

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