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Will the Big Bad Wolf finally win? Will he eat Little Red Riding Hood? I have no idea, you should read and find out!

Little Red Riding Hood (Plot Twist)

This story is for the 'Bad Guy Wins' Competition. Don't forget to enjoy, thumbs up, follow and comment.

Oh yeah! Hold up for a second! I have a challenge for YOU. The first person to figure out my favourite (And original) Disney fairy tale/ movie gets to tell me what they want me to write about next! That or a shout out, some story ideas from me or if you don't want to much, we can just chat if you like! Jane D.

Here are some hints: The movie was made after 1990 but before 1995. It was originally a play. There was no book before the play. So there are your hints! Hope you figure it out. Now on with the story...

Little Red Riding Hood was a beautiful young, and sometimes careless girl. This is a rather different version of Little Red Riding Hood. Go on, take a look...

Little Red Riding Hood woke one morning to find her mother had a job for her to do. Her mother wanted her to visit her Grandmother, who lived in a forest. Like all children, the idea of going into a forest wasn't her top priority.

Little Red Riding Hood plain out refused her mother. They argued all day. Until her mother said something to change her mind...

"How about, if you do it, I will give you a lolly!?" Her mother said hopefully. Little Red Riding Hood considered this for a minute. "Make it 5 and we have a deal." she bargained.

Her mother sighed and agreed. She handed her the basket of goodies to take and said; "Now take this straight to your Grandmother, right? Don't eat any, and be back before dark."

Only then did Little Red Riding Hood notice how dark it was getting. "Can I go tomorrow?" She asked fearfully. But her mother shook her head. "A deal is a deal." she said firmly.

So the nervous Little Red Riding Hood set out into the forest. clutching her basket in fear at every noise.

On the way there, her nerves go the best of her. She started to eat the treats her mother had made.

She was eating a cupcake, when she heard some rustling in some bushes that were nearby, she gave a little shriek and jumped back.

A great big wolf stepped out and slowly turned around to face her. "W-who are you?" Little Red riding Hood stammered.

"I am The Big Bad Wolf." He said grinning. Little Red Riding Hood took another step back. "May I ask who you are?"

"I-I don't think I should tell you that..." She said frowning. Now it was the wolfs turn to frown. "I am looking for someone called 'Little Red Riding Hood'. I have a message for her."

Little Red Riding Hood managed to cover her gasp. "Can I ask what the message is?" She asked trying to be casual. The Big Bad Wolf let out a barky laugh. "Only if your Little Red Riding Hood."

"Fine," She snapped, "I'M Little Red Riding Hood." The Big Bad Wolf pointed to her hood. "I gathered that." He said not trying to cover the grin on his face.

Little Red Riding Hood blushed. "So what is the message?" She said regaining some of her confidence. The wolf's face became serious.

They stood there in silence. Little Red Riding Hood tried to get the conversation started again. It was getting darker by the second.

"My, my, what big eyes you have..." The wolf took a step closer. "All the better to see you with." He replied.

"My, what big ears you have.." He wolf took another step closer. "All the better to hear what evil plan your mother has for you." He said in a rough voice.

Little Red Riding Hood let the cupcake slip out of her hand. "No, no, no..." she said taking several steps away from him. "That cannot be right..."

"I never said it was right," the wolf said. "But it is true. I listened to your mother sing after you left the house." He growled.

"'Finally she's gone, she's gone. Now I can sing my song! She's gone, she's gone...That stupid child walking into the forest at this hour! Good riddance! '" The wolf walked closer again.

"That's when I knew I had to find you." He said. "She wants you killed." He added quietly so that only she could only just hear.

At this she let the basket fall to the ground with a loud 'thunk'. However this did not stop the Big Bad Wolf from continuing;

"We need to get inside, its dangerous in here at night." With that he walked away, turning back and indicating for Little Red Riding Hood to follow.

After a while they reached a cave. The Big Bad Wolf walked in followed closely by Little Red Riding Hood, who could not see in the gloom.

The wolf lit a fire and they sat there for a few minutes warming themselves. "What are we going to do?" Little Red Riding Hood whispered. "Will have to get rid of her..." The wolf replied.

"Well, I cannot say she doesn't deserve it." She muttered mainly to herself. "So how are we going to do it?" She dared to ask.

"I was thinking a fire ought to do the trick." Little Red Riding Hood nodded once. "It will do the job." He said.

"Now I will go and see what the old crone is up to. You stay here and don't be loud, you do not and I repeat DO NOT attract any attention."

While the wolf was gone Little Red Riding Hood finally allowed the tiredness to wash over her.

"She wasn't in the house." The wolf said when he got back. Little Red Riding Hood did not respond. He walked in, the fire was out, but in the gloom, he could see her.

He walked over to her and rolled her over. There was a knife in her chest. Blood spilled everywhere. Her evil mother had come after her. She knew that she had not been killed. So she did it herself.

Now, the Big Bad Wolf thought, It's your turn to be killed. You will be avenged Little Red Riding Hood. Mark my words...

The end.

Hope you enjoyed it! Tell me what you think in the comments! And don't forget about the competition! Good luck!

Also, comment if you would like me to write more plot twists too! Tell me what one I should do next!

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