Bird Boy (Part 4)
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Holden King has moved to a new school, he is already nervous. When something happens with the class bird, it doesn't take long for Luna (A bully) to pick up a new name for him. (This is the END!)

Bird Boy (Part 4)

Recap! Holden is just starting a new school, when something with the class bird happens he gets the nickname 'Bird Boy'...

"Children do you know what today is?" Miss Finley asked merrily.

Everyone started calling out their answers at once, "Settle, settle, how about you put your hands up? Eh?" Everyone's hands shot up eagerly.

"Holden, can you tell us what today is?" I looked up, surprised, my hand wasn't even up.

"Uh, Miss don't you want to choose someone else? I mean BirdBoy's hand isn't even up!" Chad called out.

Miss Finley looked at him sternly, "No, also I ask all of you to stop calling him 'BirdBoy' it's time you show some respect to Holden."

You may continue," Everyone looked at me, some were giggling silently. "It's excursion day," I said bluntly.

Miss Finley indicated for me to continue, when I didn't she asked, "Does anyone know where we are going?"

She chose Luna, "We are going to a farm, with horses, sheep, chickens and cows. Hey BirdBoy! This will be perfect for you, cuz you're a chicken," everyone started giggling loudly.

Miss Finley looked like a tomato that was about to explode.

"Luna! You can stay with me, while the others help out at the farm, then when you complain, you have only yourself to blame," Luna scowled at me like it was my fault she got in trouble.

"All aboard the bus!" We all scrambled for the back seats, but like always, Luna got there first. Miss Finley started singing the wheels on the bus, which set everyone off.

"The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round...

"Ok quiet! We have just arrived at the farm, now I want all of you to be on your best behaviour!

" A few of my classmates murmured something like; "We will," and then we were off to explore in our groups.

Miss Finley was my group's chaperone, which unluckily for me, meant that Luna was in my group too.

Our group was the first one to look at the horses, which was cool, and smelly. One of them had just finished doing its business when we arrived, and of course, everyone had to laugh at it.

Luna, however, ignored it, she kept her head high. She mustn't have seen the log that was laying in the middle of the path. She tripped and landed face-first in the horse turd.

Sorry I just had too... :D. Now back to the story.

I couldn't help but laugh at her, I chuckled so hard I couldn't breathe. Suddenly I got an idea, "She's PonyPoo!" I gave myself a pat on the back.

Weeks later...

No one called me BirdBoy anymore, which was fine with me. I even had a nice conversation with my classmates, it was about Lun- I mean, PonyPoo.

I went home happier than I had all week, I gave Mum a big hug at the door. "Well aren't you jolly today?" she said grinning, then I skipped off to my room to celebrate.

I figured that school wouldn't be so bad after all, especially with PonyPoo around to talk too!

Thank you for reading! This is the end of Bird Boy! Jane D.

The end.

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