Bird Boy (Part 3)
Bird Boy (Part 3) birdboy stories

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Holden King has moved to a new school, he is already nervous. When something happens with the class bird, it doesn't take long for Luna (A bully) to pick up a new name for him. (Part 4 will be out soon!)

Bird Boy (Part 3)

Quick recap... So if you read the first/second parts to this then you know that Holden just started a new school & things are not going to plan. A bird did a poopy doo on his head, hence leading him to get the name "Bird Boy" Enjoy! Jane D.

At lunch I sat by myself, thinking about my horrible day. Hopefully, it won't get any worse, I thought, or maybe it can...

Luna started walking over to me with a bunch of people and I felt my heart sink to my feet. "Whacha doin' BirdBoy?" She called. I started packing up, trying to avoid a fight.

"Where ya going?" I ignored her and got up to go. I felt my feet slip out from underneath me, landing face-first in the dirt. The people around her hollered.

"Really BirdBoy is that all you got?" I lay there wishing for her to go.

"You guys want to know why he's called BirdBoy?" She piped up, I groaned. "What? you don't like that BirdBoy?" She asked, without waiting for a response she turned to the others.

"Come on guys there is nothing here to do," I only sat up when I was sure they were gone. I managed to hold back my angry tears.

When Mum and Dad came to pick me up I stayed silent, hoping that they wouldn't ask how my day was. Like always, they did. "So how was your new school, Hon?" Mum asked, giving a look to Dad.

I sighed, "It was alright...I guess..." They didn't say anything after that. After dinner, I went straight to bed.

The next week was torture for me, everyone only called me BirdBoy, no one wanted to be friends with me, Luna took care for that. Miss Finley struggled to make me fit in, believe me, she tried.

But there was one good thing about school: On Monday we had an excursion. They're always fun.


Thank you all for reading! Part 4 will be out soon! Heads up! Its the last one!!!!!! Jane D.

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