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It's just a let out🤷

Angst of love

By: Jane S

Outside, it was raining And my heart, it was paining Something, made me wanna cry Controlling my tears? Nah! I didn't try.

Whatever pain 'twas, was from past On my present, past's shadow was cast. Those days I still remember 'em clear, When we were happy and near

But then the clouds stormed in Oh God! What was my sin? We were drifted apart and far I still remember the long drives in your car!

Every night we used to sit, Watching the stars and the sky moonlit I wish I could turn back time, And bring back what was once prime.

But all these thoughts are in vain, 'Cause you're the one who gave me pain You are the one who left me crying, You made a fool out of me for trying.

I wanted things to last forever, But now I think it's not gonna happen, ever! So, now the rain has stopped And the sun has just popped.

My crying-over-you days are gone And I think am better off alone. So I wish you a life full of luck 'Cause honey, you suck!

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