Her Love Life
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A sweet budding love story awaits completion. Written in third person, and without names.

Her Love Life

Her Love Life

by The Sister

She loved him. She had loved him for years—after he broke up with her best friend. Before that, she admired him. She looked up to him as a model big brother. The breakup saddened her greatly.

She had so hoped they would get married—and she’d be allowed to be a bridesmaid in their wedding. But it was not to be.

Soon after the breakup, her friendship with her best friend began to disappear. Her friend was pulling away. It was hard. Beyond hard. It felt like desertion.

Sometimes she didn’t know if she could go on. But help came from unexpected places. She began to build a friendship with his younger sister, who was two years older than her.

Their friendship started slow but then took off. The beginning of their friendship started with an all-nighter—talking from 10pm to 6am—then sleeping for two hours.

Well, this new friendship helped her to heal from loosing her best friend. In fact, this new friend began to take the place of her previous best friend.

Years went by—two and a half, to be as precise as possible. Meanwhile, her friendship with his sister grew deeper and deeper.

They learned more about each other, gave each other advice and encouragement, and listened to each other’s hopes, fears, and troubles. And of course they would talk about him.

As time went on, she realized her feelings for him were growing deeper and deeper. Recently he had been talking with her more—over the phone—or texting.

(They lived over 1,000 miles away from each other.) He would email her, too, sending her songs to listen to, blog posts to read, Youtube videos to watch.

Of course, she loved interacting with him more. She valued his advice and encouragement and enjoyed laughing at his jokes. Not long after, his sister visited her for a week.

She was busy with work and school, but they stayed up late at night and talked. They talked about everything—and they talked about him.

Suddenly, the sister nervously told her a secret—she had told her brother that she liked him. She felt that she had betrayed her friend.

She felt so miserable, but was relieved to finally tell her. She cringed and braced herself for her reaction. But she just chuckled. She assured her that it was ok. She didn’t mind him knowing.

Perhaps that was her heart’s desire for the past few years. That explained why he had been talking to her so much.

A few weeks later, she noticed that he had called her mom and her dad that evening. Her heart skipped a beat. Was he asking about—? No, she wasn’t going to get her hopes up.

Not long after, her mother told her that she needed to finish high school. Her father had just turned down a suitor. Really? What? It wasn’t sinking in. She didn’t understand.

Later, they explained. He had called and asked to court her. But her parents had one restriction: not until she finished high school.

She was homeschooled, so she could finish earlier than June—if she worked hard. It was still sinking in.

Was her dream coming true? They were allowed to talk spontaneously, as long as she had finished her school work for the day. Well, they sure talked. They talked for hours the first few weeks.

They texted frequently. Yes, she enjoyed it. He did too. He openly told her how excited he was to eventually start a relationship with her. She replied in kind.

He asked her how long she’d liked him. She estimated. Then—her parents stepped in. Too much, they said. Relax. Slow down.

New restriction: no talking until she finished her school assignments each week. Wow. That’s a long time. They could text a little, but she needed to focus on school.

He had told her it was going to be difficult for him to focus on work while waiting until her graduation. She was feeling the same. It’ll be a long few months. So now they talk less.

They both work hard. And try to be patient. Time will fly by. It will be summer before they know it.

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