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Young Love

by janaemitchell

So young when they met, everyone said it'd never last. And when they wanted to get married at eighteen, their family said they were moving way too fast.

"You just graduated high school," they fussed, "so why don't you live life for a while?" "Why not start that life with him?" she questioned, more than ready to walk down the aisle.

Over and over they said it was a mistake, so she vowed to prove them wrong. She vowed to be his for better or worse, knowing their love was strong.

It was everything they'd hoped; passionate and endearing, perfect and pure. They knew they'd forever be together, that there was nothing they couldn't endure.

Years later, they had two kids, and bills they couldn't pay. In the back of her mind, she remembered the warnings, everything they'd said on that day.

Refusing to give up, she grabbed her husband's hand, not letting him see her pain. She pulled him outside, both of them getting soaked, as they started to dance in the rain.

She tilted her face to the sky, letting the rain wash away her tears. "I love you," he whispered into her ear, his words always calming her fears.

She thought back to the first day they met, when they were both just sixteen. So many things had happened since then, so many things they'd done and seen.

So many memories had already been made, not to mention a beautiful daughter and a son. She can't imagine her life without him, which is how she'd felt since day one.

Love can last forever, no matter the age or circumstance. As long as you're patient and caring toward each other... and always make time to dance.

A love like this is possible if you're willing to unlock your heart and give someone else the key. I know this to be absolutely true, because the 'she' in this story is me.

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