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When your life comes back to haunt you...


by janaemitchell

She contemplated her life, knowing it wasn't worth saving.

Filled with guilt and pain, her contemplation was brief.

As she kicked the last lifeline from underneath her, the true pain of her decision took over.

As it tightened around her neck, draining the life she'd once hated from her, she accepted her fate, not knowing what would be waiting for her on the other side.

As she fell to the cold, hard floor with a jolt, she looked around, confusion assaulting her.

"Am I not dead? Where am I?"

As she looked around, she realized exactly where she was--her old bedroom.

As she walked through the empty house, it looked just like it always had, bringing back memories she didn't want to remember.

"What's going on?" she screamed. "I'm supposed to be dead!"

"I'm dead!"

She could still feel the chair on the edge of her toes, and the pain it caused when she gave it a hard shove.

"...Laura." The soft voice called to her and she went to it without hesitation.

"Laura, will you read to me?"

She remembered this moment. It was one of the many moments she wanted to forget, but couldn't.

"Laura," her little sister whined. "I want you to read to me."

Unlike last time, Laura wasn't filled with anger for being bothered by her annoying sister. This time, she was filled with her sister's love and the longing to be read to.

The book was knocked to the floor by an unseen hand, but she knew who did it as she heard her own words echo inside her head.

"Leave me alone, I'm busy!"

As Laura yelled, the love she had just felt was replaced by sadness and fear as she watched her sister start to cry.

As her little sister cried, she felt the tears run down her own cheek. "What's happening to me?"

The room went dark as she heard the slap. She knew what it was. That noise had haunted her her entire life.

It was the first time she had hit her little sister.

As she relived the moment, her sister's emotions flooding her own, she was overwhelmed with guilt. More guilt than she'd ever felt while she was alive.

"Please stop," she cried. "I can't take this."

As she was pulled from the painful memories and unwanted feelings that seemed to last an eternity, relief filled her, but it was only temporary.

She found herself standing next to someone she had enjoyed tormenting in school.

Unlike before, when she'd been entertained by the girl's pathetic tears, she now felt the pain behind them.

The pain and hopelessness her and her friends had caused this girl was too much to bear.

It was worse than what she'd felt when she thought she'd take it all away. With one kick of a chair she thought it'd all be gone, but it wasn't. No, it was much, much worse.

"I can't take this anymore!"

All went still, and without even opening her eyes, she broke down and fell to the floor. Not only could she feel her grandmother's pain, but she could feel the love that it had poisoned.

"Grandma, I'm so sorry. It was only twenty dollars. I didn't think you'd miss it."

Even though Laura apologized, her Grandmother didn't hear it. A whisper on the wind, Laura's words were useless, now.

As one painful memory faded into another, Laura realized she couldn't stop them.

"I'm so sorry," was all she could say, but it was too little too late.

Just when she thought it was over, relief flooding her, it started all over again.

"Laura, will you read to me?"

Laura tried her best to make everything right, but her time to do that was gone.

Life had given her chance after chance to right her wrongs, yet she mocked it, just like she had everything and ever one else.

As she fell to the cold, hard floor with a jolt, she looked around, confusion assaulting her.

Her neck throbbed, causing her to remember....

The memories. The pain. The guilt. Panic filled her, causing her to scramble to her feet, clawing at the rope that was still wrapped tightly around her neck.

As she tugged the rope loose, able to catch her breath once again, she stared at the frayed and torn piece that still hung above her head, swinging from the ceiling. The rope broke.

She immediately fell to her knees, tears pouring from her eyes... except this time, they were tears of joy. "The rope broke!"

"I'm not dead."

No, she wasn't dead. Actually, she'd never felt more alive than at that very moment.

She immediately righted many of the wrongs in her life; apologies heard and forgiveness given.

And even though a part of her did die that day, she was okay with that.

Because in death, Laura lived.

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